Presentations and Slides

Start a new slide with a level-one heading (#) or with a horizontal rule (---).

Screen shot of the design select dialog

Both a horizontal rule and a headline create a new slide, but a horizontal rule immediately followed by a headline creates only one new slide:

Slide 1

# Slide 2

# Slide 3

On both—the level one heading and the horizontal rule—you can add options that control how your slides are rendered, e.g. the slide design or background images.

Slides and Columns

A level-two heading (##) creates a new column within the same slide, but that behavior can be overridden with the break option.

Screen shot of the design select dialog

Add break=none to a heading to not create another slide or column:

# Creates a new slide
#{break=none} Second heading on the same slide

## A level-two heading
##{break=none} the same column