Add Images In Your Content and as Backgrounds

There are two kinds of images you can use in your presentations:

Inline Images

Add inline images by adding a slide link to your text:

![Alt Text](Image URL)

The image URL can be

Slide Backgrounds

You can set a slide background by starting the slide with a horizontal rule (---) and adding a "background" option:


As with the inline images above, the image URL can be either relative to the presentation or the image can come from the built-in assets.

Background Positioning

By default, the background covers the whole slide. To change this behavior, use the background-position, background-width and background-height options:

For example, to position the background image on the right and make it occupy half of the slide, use


If you use the value "fit" as a background size (e.g. background-width=fit), the background will cover the whole slide in that dimension.