Add Ordered and Unordered Lists To Present Ideas with Bullet Points

Add ordered (numbered) and unordered lists to slides to present information as bullet points.

Ordered and unordered lists used in presentation slides

Unordered Lists

To create an ordered list, start the line with "* " (asterisk followed by a space).

* Unordered List
* With Three
* Bullet Points

Alternatively, you can also use + or - for list items, but does not allow you to mix them within the same list. The following code will create three unordered lists:

+ List
+ Number 1
- List
- Number 2
* List
* Number 3

Ordered Lists

To create an ordered list, start the line with any number, followed by a dot and a space ("1. "). The slide will show the correct numbers in the list, not the numbers you typed in the markdown code:

1. First
1. Second
1. Third

Since the actual numbers are not important, the next list will look exactly like the previous, but writing it like that is not recommended:

1. First
2. Second
42. Third

Nesting Lists and Content

To nest lists or other content inside a list item, indent it with spaces. We recommend four spaces for the second level, another four (8 in total) for the third, and so on:

* First Level
    * Second Level
        * Third Level
            1. Fourth Level
            1. Fourth Level
        * Third Level
* First Level

You can not only nest other lists inside a list, but also paragraphs and other content. Make sure to indent the empty lines too (they must contain the same number of spaces used indent the list content):

* First Level
    Nested Paragraph
    Another Paragraph
* First Level