Add Arrows in Markdown To Highlight Parts of Slides

Add =>{} in your markdown to create an arrow pointing to the next word. The options block can be empty or contain the location of the arrow shown.

Arrows pointing to words inside a markdown table

Arrows work inside paragraph content, lists, tables, ... . They even work inside code blocks.

Arrow Locations

Inside the options block, use one of the following locations to determine where the arrow will be shown relative to the word it is pointing to. The default value is top-left when no location is specified.

| :- | :-: | -: |
| =>{top-left}top-left | =>{top}top | =>{top-right}top-right |
| =>{left}left | | =>{right}right|
| =>{bottom-left}bottom-left | =>{bottom}bottom | =>{bottom-right}bottom-right |