Early Preview - How Long?

When downloading marmota.app, it says that it's an early preview. When will it stop saying this?

I added the "early preview" label because I released marmota.app to the general public long before it was ready—I did so when I presented the first conference talk using the app. But it was still quite cumbersome to use.

Also, for now, marmota.app uses a "normal" code signing certificate on Windows. because of that, most users will currently get a warning from Windows Defender SmartScreen when they install the app.

To remove the early warning label, the app needs:

Code Signing

I am currently in the process of getting an "extended validation" certificate. This should solve the SmartScreen warning. And for me, that's a prerequisite for removing the "early preview" label.

Markdown Features

I wanted to wait until most markdown features are implemented. The app has achieved this with the current release (22.11.0) and only some details or advanced / obscure features do not work yet.

Presenting Works

It should be possible to easily create, present and export presentations. Basically, the free version of the app should be mostly complete. While I have some more feature ideas that should be part of the free version, the app has also achieved this goal with the current release, too.


The only other thing that's still missing—apart from the SmartScreen warning—is your feedback: I want to wait a little longer (maybe 4-6 weeks) before I remove that "early preview" label so that I can hear your feedback:

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